The Radar with Emily Obermeyer: Bathing Beach


For fans of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith

There is a common thought that there is beauty found in simplicity. While simple can sometimes seem plain and boring, it is important to take a step back and look at the core values of things. For new artist Novo Amor, his newest EP is just that: simple. While sounding basic, Novo Amor’s newest release, Bathing Beach, provides a wonderful soundtrack.

Novo Amor, born as Ali John Meredith-Lacey, is a musician from the country of Wales. In 2012, he independently released his first songs and gained a small following. After continuing to release singles and another EP on a small label, Novo Amor recently put out another piece of work, Bathing Beach. While Novo Amor is still fairly unknown and signed a small record label, his new music is far too good to be overlooked.

As a whole, the EP produces a plain yet beautiful sound. The songs do not have an overpowering and overwhelming presence. Instead of each song drowning you in a sea of music, you are floating right on top of it. The lyrics are simple and very touching. They dance from track to track and create a touching and intimate environment. The stripped down instrumental combined with the vocals provides feelings of nostalgia for the listeners. A light and airy presence of the vocals, songwriting, and instruments creates a beautiful masterpiece.

The opening song “Carry You” is a charming blend of great lyrics, vocals, and instruments. Throughout the whole song, it layers on top of itself and builds up to produce a very well done song. It is absolutely brilliant. The moment I heard the first twenty seconds, I was overwhelmed with the beauty as if I was watching a stunning sunrise on the beach. Because of its capability to completely pull me in, it immediately became one of my new favorite songs.

Novo Amor’s vocals are absolutely delightful. He has a very calming and soothing voice that is extremely unique. In “Colorway” these vocals are utilized. The acoustic sound allows for him to present a strong vocal presence. He has a comforting falsetto that is perfected and stunning to listen to. The strong vocals and instrumental are also present in “Anchor.” This song is more laid back and acoustic than some of the other songs on the album, and it is a bit more saddening. But, it still is completely beautiful and flows with the rest of the EP.

Bathing Beach is a great career launch for Novo Amor. The EP is absolutely remarkable and provides a great platform for a successful journey into the music world. Novo Amor proves that songs do not need to be overdone to be great. This collection of songs is a necessity for those who desire a more calming and fulfilling music experience. Do not underestimate these unflashy songs, for there is beauty in the simplicity.