Player Profile: Ben Koning


Jacob Wiltjer, Sports Reporter

Name: Ben Koning

Grade: Freshman

Sport: JV Tennis

Position: 2 and 3 doubles

Ben has been a very strong asset to the team and has been a strong player. He has a lot of potential to grow as a player and athlete.

How would you describe your recent success?

“We did good, we had more wins than losses.”

Player stat and outlook:

Ben has moved up in the lineup throughout the season and has been a very consistent performer.

Why do you play Tennis?

“Because I like playing it, it is a very fun sport.”

What’s the biggest inspiration in your athletic career?

“I don’t really have a big inspiration in my athletic career.”

What are your upcoming plans with Tennis?

“I am gonna try and make varsity next year for tennis.”

How has your time at FHC been?

“The assemblies have been very fun and entertaining.”

Can you give me a quote about life?

“If you don’t succeed at first keep trying.”