Player Profile: Jonah Spates


Moise Guerrier, Sports Reporter

Name: Jonah Spates

Grade: freshman

Position: WR/FS

Sport: JV Football

What are two things you learned while playing football?

“Two things I have learned while playing football in my life are: everyone has to do their job for everything to work, and that you are capable of helping everyone succeed or helping everyone fail. Both of those things play together because if all eleven people do what they are supposed to as hard as they can, then everyone as a group will succeed. But, if one or two people take a play off or don’t know what they’re doing, then someone else has to do something extra just to make a positive gain in the play or even in the whole game.”

Biggest inspiration in your entire athletic career?

“My biggest inspiration as an athlete was always wanting to be better than my brothers, not when I was their age but just better than them in general and that motivated me to get better in every sport that I played.”

What are you doing in the offseason to help out the team, and what do you plan your role being on varsity next year?

“This offseason I plan on playing basketball and baseball. As soon as all of that is over, start preparing myself for the next football season. I will hope, pray, and try to work towards a spot on varsity, but not too many sophomores get a chance to play varsity football. If I get my chance, I will take every chance I get to improve and show that I can play on the varsity level.”

What’s one thing you like about atmosphere at FHC and why?

“What I like most about the FHC atmosphere is, that everyone puts everything that they have into our football team. Even when people don’t get to play as much, they take advantage of the time they get and try to make a play.”

Can you give me quote about your sport/life or a phase that motivates you?

“If you ain’t first you’re last” – Ricky Bobby