Rangers Cross Country greatly improves at Allendale Meet


Jessica Borowsky, Sports Reporter

Finally getting a break from the heat, the cross country team strongly delivered an outstanding performance at Saturday’s meet at Allendale high school. The entire team, both boys and girls, finished the race with their best times of the season. On the boys side of the team, there were 24 personal record times, and for the girls team there were 12 personal record times. Overall, this meet was a major turning point for the Rangers. The boys team finished in 7th place out of 9 and the girls finished 6th place out of 9.

On the boys side, sophomore Gabe Carlson finished in first for the Rangers and 12th overall with a time of 16:21. Behind Carlson, 24th overall, was sophomore Kyle James-Heer with a time of 16:46. In third for the boysat 37th overall, was senior Leo Walquist with a time of 17:17. On the girls side, junior Courtney McAlindon finished 17th with a time of 19:20. Behind McAlindon who was 19th overall, was junior Susannah Bennett with a time of 19:23. In third for the girls, 22nd overall, was sophomore Nicole Marco with a time of 19:26.

With the weather changing at a perfect time in the season, the Rangers are taking advantage of the opportunities and working hard to improve. Knowing it is possible to see the mass amount of season or personal best times, the coaches are pushing the runners to get even better. The next meet for the Rangers is Wednesday October 4th at Riverside Park.