Player Profile: Megan Raisch


Name: Megan Raisch

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Setter

How would you describe your recent success?

“I think our team has been performing very well on the court and acting as a single unit to produce wins. We work hard to win and are motivated and passionate about the sport.”

What’s your reason for playing volleyball?

“I play volleyball because I truly enjoy the sport and I like my coach and the team I’m on. I think it’s a good level of competition and still fun at the same time.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your entire athletic career?

“My biggest inspiration in my athletic career has been my dad. He has come to nearly every single game that I’ve ever had. He always cheers me on, talks to me after the game about how it went and what I can work on, encourages me with my teammates, and helps me practice in the backyard or just pass with me whenever I feel like it.”

What are your upcoming plans with volleyball?

I have no upcoming plans with volleyball excluding this fall season, but I know that the team plans to win districts, have a strong record, and grow closer together as teammates.”

When did you start playing volleyball?

“I started playing volleyball in 7th grade.”

How long have you been playing volleyball for FHC?

“This will be my 4th year of playing volleyball for FHC.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“Play your own game”