Player Profile: Brendan Wilson


Bryce Clay, Sports Report

Name: Brendan Wilson

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Soccer

What have you been doing to be successful on the soccer field?
“We have begun to communicate much more effectively, although the team is having trouble transitioning from defense to offense which we are working on in practice to improve.”
What is your reasoning behind playing soccer?
“I began playing soccer just to pass the time and became much more serious when I started reffing younger kids and saw how I could help them begin to love the game as much as I do now.”
Who or what has been your biggest inspiration throughout your athletic career?
“My biggest inspiration was when I watch the FIFA world cup games and saw how Tim Howard making save after save in the game against Belgium because I saw he felt the same way I do when I play Goalkeeper on the rect team, overwhelmed. “
Do you play on a travel team throughout the year if so what travel team is it, and is the style of play any different than high school ball?
“No, I play with a rect team along with a teammate form the soccer team at the school, Brady Price, during the spring to keep my skills from rusting or becoming dull. Yes, the style of play is much more relaxed and less physical partly because the refs are not there just for the money.”
How have you liked not only playing soccer here at FHC but being a student here as well?
“The teachers are also very kind and fit my learning styles very nicely like a hand in glove.”