FHC takes down Lowell on homecoming and senior night 35-6


It had been 18 years since the last time FHC found themselves in the win column against the Lowell Red Arrows. It had also been 18 years since the Red Arrow juggernaut had lost twice in a row. Thanks to a star-studded defensive performance from FHC, both of those streaks were broken on Friday night. With seniors being honored in the pregame, this couldn’t have been a bigger game for the veterans.

“This was the biggest game to date for us,” senior captain Elijah Gurley said. “It meant a lot. We were very hype before the game and we knew all week what we were preparing for. It was such a great victory.”

With the senior class having never topped Lowell in their football careers, it was a surreal experience on the field throughout the night.


“It’s unreal,” senior captain Bryce Clay said. “This is my first time ever beating them, and our first time in 18 years. Our guys went out and just took care of business. We’re 7-0 for the first time ever, and now we have a shot at conference for the first time in a long time too.”

Head coach Tim Rogers knew his team would be contested, but after tonight is confident in how his team can handle the next step.

“I’m really proud of these seniors, they’ve been through a lot,” Rogers said. “These guys are so resilient and they’re resilient because they went through two close losses last year. It’s been a long road to this year and what we’ve done today. They’re battle tested now, and I know when there is adversity they answer the bell.”

The Rangers were off to an outstanding start thanks to their defense, forcing a Lowell fumble in the Red Arrow’s first possession of the game. Lowell quickly got it back, but this time was pinned inside their own five-yard line with a hungry Ranger defense waiting on the other side.

After a run up the middle, FHC interior linemen wrapped and popped the ball out of the running back’s arms, sending it into the air. Junior Tate Hallock was in the right place at the right time and caught the ball in stride and took it in for a four-yard fumble return with 6:04 left in the first quarter.

That was not the only turnover for FHC last night, as they found every way to make Lowell quarterback David Kruse’s night hectic. After the two fumbles in the first quarter, FHC intercepted three Lowell passes in the second half.

Tate, along with seniors Kade Shomin and Jace Thornton all had drive-ending interceptions and kept the ball in quarterback Luke Majick’s hand.

Luke had another huge night with three rushing touchdowns and zero turnovers. With a blitz-heavy Lowell defense, FHC went to a power read offensive scheme to beat the constant pressure. Numerous reads from Luke and the Ranger backfield allowed FHC to drive down the field consistently.

“It was great tonight,” Luke said. “We wanted to get it for these seniors. They had two tough losses last year, but our community showed out tonight and we had a big game. I’m really proud of these seniors.”

Senior running back Moise Guerrier had a great performance, helping to complement Luke in the run game with a touchdown of his own. He also had a presence in the passing game, giving Luke time to look downfield.

As the clock ticked towards zero, the impossible challenge slowly started to materialize. The horn sounded and the time hit triple zeroes.

The whistle blew. The student section stormed the field. The Rangers won. The curse is broken.

FHC now has an outstanding chance at the conference title. As FHC takes on Cedar Springs next week, the Rangers can clinch the OK white title with a win. The conference title isn’t the only thing that’s brewing here in Ranger country, however.

“I just think we have something special going on right now,” Bryce said. “We worked so hard in the summer, we couldn’t have asked for a better student section or a better community behind us, I just have to say we have something pretty special going on.”