College Football Week 5 Recap and Week 6 predictions


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College Football Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Predictions


This week in College Football we saw lots of blowouts from teams who have a chance to win the title. For example, Alabama absolutely destroyed Ole Miss 66-3. Running back Saquon Barkley proved his worth and showed his Heisman potential as the Penn State Nittany Lions defeated the Indiana Hoosiers 45-14. Saquon actually threw for a touchdown in this game. If that doesn’t make him Heisman frontrunner, I don’t know what will. This game wasn’t a complete blowout, but the Clemson Tigers continue to be lots of peoples’ champion as they beat the Virginia Tech Hokies 31-17.


Staff Standings

  1. Jessica: 9-11

T2. Jake: 8-12

T2. Tommy: 8-12

T4. Nick: 7-13

T4. Tobey: 7-13

Standings stay the same as everyone maintains their same position.


Michigan vs Michigan State: This Saturday number 7 Michigan will play unranked Michigan State at the Big House for the first night game for both teams. On the defensive side, the Wolverines are top ranked in the nation for their total defense, rushing defense, and sacks per game. They will continue to hammer their opposition play after play. On the offensive side, John Oa��Korn will be starting quarterback in place of Wilton Speight. For the Spartans, their defense will be the deciding factor, they must be ready for Michigan’s blitz attacks and quick plays. Michigan State must force the Wolverines to turn the ball over, as that is their biggest weakness. In the end, Michigan is ranked higher up nationally and is more prepared for this game.


Jessie- MSU

Tommy- Michigan

Jake- Michigan

Nick- MSU



LSU vs Florida: This is an SEC game that is under the radar. Both teams are struggling to get in their groove. LSU especially needs a win this weekend after their tough loss against Troy. Florida starting quarterback got re injured last game so they have to decide between their freshman Franks or Zaire.




Spaletto- Florida

Jessie- LSU

Tobey- UF


Utah vs Stanford: Both of these west coast powerhouses square off in a potential Pac-12 championship game. Utah is ranked number 20 in the country while Stanford remains unranked after winning big against the UCLA Bruins. Utah narrowly beat the Arizona Wildcats last week so expect a very close game.

Spaletto- Utah

Tobey- Stanford

Jake- Stanford

Nick- Stanford

Jessie- Stanford


TCU vs West Virginia: This is a big time Big 12 matchup and both teams have the top two rushing offenses in the BIg 12. I think it will be a tough test for TCU on the road at West Virginia but there high powered offense should be able to take down the Mountaineers. Kenny Hill is looking to have a big game, he also has the sixth-best completion rating in the country behind the other high powered Big 12 quarterback Baker Mayfield. They have ran through defenses all season. They will take care of WVU.


Jake- TCU


Tobey- TCU

Spaletto- TCU



Air Force vs Navy: Air Force has been a tough team the entire year with their fast paced offense and even took Michigan down to the 4th quarter. Junior QB Arion Worthman Jr. has been fueling this offense. I think Air Forces offense will be too much for the inexperienced Navy defense. Look for this game to be complete blowout.


Tobey_ Air force

Spaletto- Navy

Nick- Navy

Jessie- Navy

Jake- Navy