Player Profile: Claire Bieniewicz


Name: Claire Bieniewicz

Grade: 9

Sport: JV Field Hockey

Position: Forward

Claire has been a big part of the team, as well as the rest of the girls on the team. She has helped lift the Rangers to an undefeated record this season so far. Claire, among with the other forwards, has contributed to the team with hustle plays and goals.

How has the season been going so far?

“I am very proud to be apart of a team that has had an undefeated season this year. With a smaller team, having only a few subs, we were at a disadvantage in most of our games, but managed to pull out a win every game.”

Why do you play Field Hockey?

“Field Hockey is fun, fast moving, and competitive. Every season always brings the girls closer together to build better relationships.”

What are your plans for college?

“I want to go to Michigan State to study criminal justice and to be able to play Field Hockey for them at some level.”

Can you give me a quote that encourages you?

“You are your only limit”