Staff and the glory days: Laura Stiles


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

What sports did you play in high school?

“Basketball, ice hockey, softball.”

What positions did you play?

“Guard, goalie, catcher.”

Did playing sport in school help you?

“It made me a strong, confident, successful woman.”

What do lessons from these sport you bring into your everyday life?

“Never quit!”

How did you originally get recruited to play at New Hampshire and why did you pick there?

“A local coach knew the coach at the University of New Hampshire, and he told him about me.”

At times in your career you played on men’s teams, how did that prepare you? What adjustments did you have to make to keep competing at a high level?

“Had to work twice as hard to be competitive, and I think that still is part of my persona.”

Did your parents play a big role in your athletic career?

“My parents were supportive but not over-involved. They made it all possible but they never interfered in my athletics.”

Coach McCurdy was the pioneer of New Hampshire women’s ice hockey, what was it like playing for such an experienced head coach?

“Truthfully, he was a very odd man, but he knew the game better than any coach in the country. I used many of his on-ice methods when coaching my own teams, but I vowed never to treat players like he treated them.”

Elaborate on your time at FHC a little bit. What was it like playing sports here when you played back in high school as compared to now.

“Playing sports in the 80’s wasn’t that much different than today. I think there were more three-sport athletes but we were competitive.”

Where do you coach hockey/softball? What did playing the sport teach you about coaching the sport?

“Right now, I’m not coaching softball or hockey but I have coached both here at FHC. Playing the sport taught me the logistics of the game, but when it comes to coaching I take a different approach than the way I was coached. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement.”

How is coaching different than playing? How have you had to adjust your philosophy to work with young players?

“When you’re playing goalie, you just have to stop the puck and not think about all the logistics of the game, but when you’re coaching you have to know everything. I have the same philosophy for all ages; it starts with great skating, puck movement, and the rest will fall into place.”

What is your best memory and/or accomplishment you were a part of in high school or college?

“In college, where we won the NCAA finals my sophomore and junior years. In high school, we went to the state finals in Flint my junior year. I was captain in both high school and college. It was also cool to be named all-conference a few times.”