Player Profile: Kacie Rispler

Player Profile: Kacie Rispler

Name: Kacie Rispler

Grade: Junior

Sport: Girls Varsity Golf

With the start of the new golf season, the team has some new talent from the junior class, but Kacie has been on the team since sophomore year. Kacie is one of the four juniors and so far this season, her lowest score is 93 for 18 holes which is also her best score of all time.

Why do you play golf?

Golf is a big thing in my family, all of my siblings play. My biggest supporter is probably my personal golf coach Patti Butcher, she’s more than just a coach to me and we have been working together since 8th grade.

What are your goals this season?

I want to shoot below 90 in a tournament.”

What is your favorite part of the FHC golf program?

“I can’t think of one specific time, but I love all the jokes everyone makes with each other.”

How do you think your team chemistry helps you succeed as individuals and a team?

We all get along really well and when you are comfortable with your team you look forward to playing around them and spending all your time with them for two months.”