Player profile: Alger Gustafson


Moise Guerrier, Sports Reporter

Name: Alger Gustafson

Grade: Sophomore

Sports: Football

Position: Kicker

What are two things you learned while playing football?

“During football, I have learned a lot about how to be a leader and I’ve also learned that an individual cannot do it by himself, it has to be done by the team as a whole.”

Who is your biggest inspiration in your entire athletic career?

“The biggest inspiration to me in my athletic career has always been Lionel Messi.”

What are you doing in the offseason to help out the team/ and what do you plan your role being on varsity next year?

This coming offseason I will be preparing to be prepared for any situation for football next year. Next year I want my role to be doing whatever I can do to help the team in any given situation.

What’s one thing you like about atmosphere in FHC and why:

“What I like about the atmosphere at FHC is that everyone is nice and everyone is close to each other.”

What is a quote about your life that motivates you?

“A quote that has inspired me throughout my life is “Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” -Muhammad Ali.”