Player Profile: Katrina Bodkins


Name: Katrina Bodkins

Grade: Junior

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Middle

Club: Michigan Volleyball Academy

Years playing: 4

Why do you play volleyball?

“I play volleyball because no matter what kind of day I have, every time I step out on the court I automatically feel better.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your volleyball career?

“My biggest inspiration in my volleyball career has actually been my teammates and seeing how we’re all in this together. I owe it to them to try my absolute hardest.”

What is your personal goal for this season? What do you think is the key to achieve this goal?

“My personal goal for this season is to just be more aggressive and as a team I would like to win conference again. I think just going out and being aggressive and talking on the court we can achieve these goals.”

Talk a little about your time being apart of FHC volleyball, this year and previous years.

“This is my third year playing at FHC and every year I fall more in love with the FHC volleyball program. I have gotten way more comfortable with who I am as a player and in what I can do. Coming in freshmen year I didn’t really know what to expect, playing with people that I didn’t know and weren’t in my grade was kind of scary at the time; but everyone treated each other as a huge family and we all were in it for the same reason. Playing at FHC will forever be one of my favorite parts about high school.”