Player Profile: Andrew Tebeau


Jessie Borowsky, Sports Reporter

Name: Andrew Tebeau

Sport: Cross country

Grade: 12

How long have you been running for the Ranger cross country team?

“This is my first season running cross country.”

What is your biggest inspiration throughout your athletic career?

“Playing basketball.”

Why did you first start cross country?

“I joined cross country to get in better shape for basketball, and it has put me in very good shape.”

What is your best time that you have achieved while running in a race? What was a reason you did particularly well in that race?

“My PR is a 20:32 and I ran that well because my XC good female friends were cheering me on.”

What is the hardest part about running cross country? Why?

“The hardest thing about cross country is pushing on when you’re very worn out.”

What do most people not know about running cross country that is an important role in running?

“Finding a good running buddy.”

Do you participate in any other sports at FHC? If so which is your favorite?

“I also play baseball and basketball and my favorite sport is basketball.”

Are you interested in running in college and if so where?

“Yes, I am interested in running for Harvard.”

Where are you planning on going to college and why are you interested in those colleges?

“I’ve applied to WMU, CMU, MSU, and the U of M art school.”

What is your favorite quote about running? Why?

“‘How is this a thing?’ because it goes to show just how hard running is.”