Kate’s Korner: parent involvement in sports

Kates Korner: parent involvement in sports

When it comes to high school sports especially at FHC the parents are just as invested in the team as the players are, but when parents get too involved it can create tension for everyone so the big question is; how far is too far for parent involvement on sports teams?

For most people, a supportive parent who cheers them on at games and hosts a team dinner is exactly what they want but others need more. I have come across in my experience as an athlete the “coach-parent” who thinks it is their job to sit in the stands and not only direct their own kid but other players as well. Some kids also have to put up with the uninvolved parents, I have also had teammates whose parents never showed up to a single game.

Most athletes, parents, and coaches can agree on the fact that the best and most useful type of parent is the one who is there to encourage when they can and keep the high school athletic environment positive, fun, and unpolitical for everyone involved.