FHC tennis finishes second in regionals

FHC tennis finishes second in regionals

Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Thursday afternoon, FHC held the boy’s varsity tennis Regionals tournament. Crowds of nervous parents and students filled the stands, but watching one important match in particular. Seniors Jacob Wiltjer and Aidan Rynbrandt played FHN one doubles. Facing Aidan from the other side of the court was his freshman brother, Cole Rynbrandt. After battling a tough match Jacob and Aidan won 6-2 6-4.

“Hopefully it carries us really well into State,” said Aidan. “It’s our last year and we want to go out with a win. Regionals is nice, but it’s not the big one we all really want.”

Sharing another court on the opposite side of the complex were seniors Jack Ziegler and Payton Herbert. They played a quick first set with a score of 6-0. The second set took a bit longer with an ending score of 6-4.

“The first set we came out playing really well and really aggressive forcing them to make mistakes,” Jack said. “The second set they weren’t making many mistakes and they realized they needed to be consistent if they wanted to win. They weren’t making as many errors, but overall we were the most aggressive team and we played to our strength and that’s why we won.”

Senior Connor Genschaw won his first set 6-0 and his second set 6-0 against Jenison. It was an exciting yet quick match. This is Connor’s last chance to win states, but he has come close before. His freshman year he got to semis, sophomore year he got to finals, and last year he got to semis as well.

“I have gotten really confident this year because I’ve built up all this energy to actually finally win states,” Connor said. “I’m looking to finally capitalize on the finals and win states.”

The team as a whole will continue onto States just at lower seeds. States will be on both Friday and Saturday. Held in Kalamazoo at either Western Michigan University or Kalamazoo College.