Week eight score predictions and bold statements

Week eight score predictions and bold statements

Sports Report Staff

Jake’s score prediction: FHC 31 – Cedar Springs 17

Why: With Cedar Springs running an effective wing-T offense, it will take a couple drives for FHC to adjust. I think Cedar jumps out early, but finds they can’t hang with the undefeated Rangers. The athletes on Cedar’s defense are average, but can make the routine play. FHC will be able to easily work the ball down the field, and towards the end of the game will be able to stop the run.

Bold statement: Michael Peliotes catches his first touchdown this week, coming deep inside Cedar Springs territory in the second half.

Mr. George’s score prediction: FHC 35 – Cedar Springs 7

Why: An early deficit is big trouble for a team that runs the Wing T. With no real passing game, Cedar will struggle to make up points in a hurry. And, I’m not sure if you’ve noticeda�� this FHC team is strong, fast, experienced and confident. Cedar doesn’t have enough diversity in their offensive system to give FHC too much trouble.

Ty’s score prediction: FHC 21 – Cedar Springs 16

Why: Cedar Springs has potential to score a lot of points with the wing-T. The Rangers poised and experienced defense will contain their dangerous offense to 16 since Cedar always goes for 2. It will be a slow and somewhat boring game between two tough teams and defenses. Look for FHC to kill Cedar in the air with a couple of big deep balls.

Bold statement: Tate Hallock and Bryce Clay combine for three touchdowns.