Abby Stead and Haley Bieniewicz’s blog Old Soul Insomniacs is full of character and creativity


“We’re quiet people, but we have a lot to say,” said junior Haley Bieniewicz.

From a bystander’s viewpoint, juniors Abby Stead and Haley Bieniewicz might seem like your everyday students, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that there is more to them than what meets the eye.

Out of sheer spontaneity on one summer morning at three a.m., Abby and Haley had an epiphany that would provide them an outlet and release for their creative energy. With Abby’s childhood dream of being a writer and Haley’s deep passion for making her feelings known, the blog Old Soul Insomniacs was born, uniting their talents to be put to use in a compelling way.

“People our age never really have a platform to get ideas out,” Haley said. “We are also introverted people, so it’s really cool to see people read your stuff. It’s really satisfying; it satisfies the need to be social without being social.”

As a diverse blend of reviews, opinions, and experiences, their blog exceeds the standard format. In fact, a lot of what they write about is inspired by their favorite writers, what intrigues them in other blogs, and personal experiences.

“I like people writing about their viewpoint at a period of time in their life,” Abby said. “It’s very niche. I might’ve gone through a certain situation with my friends, but I know I’m not the only person who has gone through that. When you read something and realize that you’ve gone through the same situations, it felt and still feels really good.”

Reading blogs and writing out her feelings has been a long-lasting hobby of Abby’s, so writing a blog with Haley has made a huge impact on both of their lives by helping them filter through their thoughts and emotions.

“I’ve always had a notebook with me,” Abby said. “I always write things down, and that’s such an unedited version of myself. I’ve found that since the blog has started, writing [everything] down- even if it’s not published- has been really healthy.”

Haley was in agreement with Abby about how the blog and writing her thoughts down made a difference in her life.

“It’s a way to release everything, and it feels really good to get it out there,” Haley said. “I feel like my whole entire life I’ve been a thinker. I really don’t say a lot, but I think a ton of things. Writing everything down for the last couple months has felt really good, and it kinda clears up space [in my head].”

Their passion and attitude toward the blog continue to reach new heights beyond simply writing the bare minimum, and that is shown in their dedication to keep writing.

Their tagline “It’s a three a.m. adventure” very accurately represents the blog and their attitude toward writing because, on most nights, they’re so caught up in their writing that they are still typing away into the early morning/middle of the night.

“I mean the title of the blog is Old Soul Insomniacs because we can’t ever sleep,” Abby said. “So, it’ll be three a.m., and I’ll be writing something. Then I’ll save it in drafts, and I’ll see four other drafts that Haley saved literally at the same time.”

Although it has been an overall wonderful experience and amazing blessing in their lives, it can also be difficult because of the lack of routine in their posting.

“[We post] whenever the idea hits, but we want to have a more regulated schedule,” Abby said. “We want to write more and be out there, but it’s kind of hard. Some posts are hard to write; sometimes you have to wait until the right moment hits.”

Despite the irregularity in their posting, viewers have seemed to enjoy the overall blog. For junior Averi Schelhaas, the blog has been refreshing because of how the spotlight of the blog is a younger perspective on the world around them and how they’ve reacted to it.

“They both love what they’re doing and have a lot to say,” Averi said. “I love how they can make an influence on others through the blog, and I hope they can continue it for a long time. Their blog is unique because it’s more than just surface-level content. They delve deeper into certain topics than many other blogs do.”

Their originality and fresh point of view separate their blog from others, intriguing readers while also satisfying Abby and Haley’s creative spirits.

“I think we both needed a change in our lives,” Haley said. “We needed an outlet to release everything, and this was a good way to do it.”