Jordyn Carlson’s sports blog – Coaches of FHC


Name: Bri Tilton

Sport: Freshmen Volleyball

Years coached at FHC: This is her first year

Why do you coach? What makes you want to come and work with a bunch of high schoolers?

“Well, I love Volleyball. I think that It’s more than just a sport, there are so many different things that not many people think about that volleyball gives you. I like to spread it to everyone and make sure everyone knows how great of a sport it is. I love working with our girls because they just have the most positive energy and they just come to work everyday by making the adjustments that I say. It’s the best feeling, as a coach.”

What do you do to motivate your team?

“I like a lot of self-motivation, I’ll give each position something to focus on and they really hold each other accountable just by doing that.”

What is your connection to the sport you coach? How did you get started coaching that sport?

Bri Played volleyball for FHC and she loves the sport.

How do you help your team deal with losses?

“I try to focus on the positive of the game rather than the negative, because there is never a fully bad game. There’s always going to be a good play, a good moment, or something little even if it’s not a volleyball play, it could be a teammate giving a high five to someone who just slammed it into the net.”

What do you think that everyone should know about coaching?

“It’s honestly the best feeling in the world. You get to teach people the thing that you love and then you get to see them get better right in front of your eyes.”

What is your favorite coaching memory?

“My first game coaching against Northern, Cora Kelly had the most amazing kill as the last point.”


“Make yourself better everyday”