Senior Joe Batdorf makes the most of his high school experience


Every Monday and Tuesday evening, FHC marching band has rehearsal. Senior Joe Batdorf is a snare drum section leader, but he rarely ever makes it to Tuesday band rehearsals.

All is well, however, because he has a legitimate conflict: Joe is on the Varsity Boys Soccer team, and games fall on Tuesday evenings.

On top of his already busy schedule, Joe is extremely studious. Because of his stellar performance on the PSAT, Joe received a Commended Award for the National Merit Scholarship.

“I [balance my activities] by trying to not waste any time,” Joe said. “I’ve gotten pretty lucky with my workload, [and I can] usually finish everything and still get enough sleep.”

Joe, who is taking multiple AP classes, is also very involved in sports and band.

“Joe does a lot, and he’s good at what he does,” senior Ashley Jenkins said. “He’s a great leader. I’m on leadership in band with Joe, and I can tell that he really connects with his section.”

His musical talent is shown by his admittance into the Wind Ensemble class, which is the highest level of band class that FHC offers.

Along with being a section leader, Joe has the responsibility of being the center snare drum. He is the one who taps off cadences and makes sure the band marches in time.

I’m really busy now, but I know that I’ll look back one day and say that it was all worth it.

— Joe Batdorf

“At first, I was nervous about [being center snare],” Joe said. “I was scared that I would mess up, and the band would be off. But I’ve gotten used to it.”

Drumline is a closely bonded group of people; part of the attraction of band is the friendships made in it.

“Drumline is one big family,” Joe said. “We’re all [very close], and you can find a unique group of people in band.”

Not only does he play a central role in marching band, but he also is a key player on the soccer team.

“I really don’t know if I like band or soccer better,” Joe said. “I can’t choose between the two. They’re both different, but both [are great] experiences.”

At the Northern v. Central game, Joe scored a crucial goal, and his move helped Central tie 1-1 with Northern in a conference match.

“It was pretty crazy,” Joe said. “It all [happened so] fast, and I don’t really know [what happened]. Suddenly, I saw the ball fall upon me, and then I scored. Then everyone was tackling me. They were [so happy]. It was very fun.”

With all the activities Joe participates in, he has met a large number of people along the way. He has a great group of friends who support him in his endeavors.

“I love watching Joe play soccer,” Ashley said. “It’s super fun going to his games. I went to the Northern game, and it was amazing watching him score the goal.”

Joe hopes to go to the University of Michigan next year, and he has prepared for a rigorous college schedule with his high school activities.

Though Joe is a two-year Varsity player, he doesn’t want to play soccer in college. However, he is considering auditioning for a college marching band, depending on where he goes.

No matter what Joe ends up doing, he has lived out his life now to the fullest extent.

“I have for sure taken advantage of my high school experience,” Joe said. “I’m really busy now, but I know that I’ll look back one day and say that it was all worth it.”