The Cookie Dough Cafe brings edible cookie dough to stores in Forest Hills

The Cookie Dough Cafe brings edible cookie dough to stores in Forest Hills

Walking around Forest Hills Foods one afternoon, I mentioned to my friend that I was craving edible cookie dough and wanted to make some. She then pointed out that in the cooler right in front of me, there were containers of pre-packaged edible cookie dough from The Cookie Dough Cafe with a large label saying “Eat it, don’t bake it!” I quickly scooped up a container, eagerly paid, and rushed out of the store, only to make it to my car before I had to break open the package to indulge.

The seven dollars I paid for the jar containing a pound of cookie dough was worth it. The cookie dough was moist, perfectly flavorful, and just as fresh as regular cookie dough would have been. The pre-packaged container saved me the aggravation of trying to perfect my own batch of cookie dough and, after a few days of opening it, it is still sitting in my refrigerator because there is just too much for me to consume quickly. The cookie dough will last up to 20 weeks in the refrigerator, so it’s easy to just have a little bit at a time. Although, for me at least, I think that I like it too much to let it last that long. I’m looking forward to finishing the last bit of cookie dough left with ice cream.

The Cookie Dough Cafe also has their products in other stores in the Forest Hills Area such as Meijer on 28th Street, D&W on Breton Road, and Horrock’s Farm Market on Breton Road. If you don’t feel like venturing out to the store to search for cookie dough, you can also purchase it online and have cookie dough shipped directly to your house.

The thing that appeals most to me about this pre-packaged delicacy is that it helps us avoid something we’ve all done: eaten raw cookie dough out of the bowl at the extent of our mothers yelling at us not to do it. But it tastes so good. There’s something about uncooked cookie dough that tastes so different and delectable compared to its baked comrade.

Because of the health dangers associated with eating raw cookie dough that is meant to go into the oven, people began to create their own eggless, “edible” cookie dough. I’ve tried myself but somehow messed up the process. It turned out too sticky and just didn’t taste the way I’d hoped. On the other hand, The Cookie Dough Cafe company has created a product that is safe to eat and tastes good too.