Player Profile: Katie McClure


Name: Katie McClure

Grade: Junior

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Defensive Specialist

Club: Michigan Volleyball Academy

Years playing: 6

Why do you play volleyball?

“I have loved the sport ever since I first started playing. Being a DS is my favorite part because I love diving and chasing balls down.”

Who has been your biggest motivation in your volleyball career?

“I’ve been lucky to have amazing coaches throughout my more serious years of playing volleyball. My parents are my biggest fans and that helps motivate me to keep working my hardest.”

What is your personal goal for this season? What do you think is the key to achieve this goal?

“My personal goal is to learn how to trust my teammates, this will help us play fluently as a team. I have to pay attention to how every person on the team plays and what areas they cover in order to achieve my goal.”

Talk a little about your time being apart of FHC volleyball, this year and previous years.

“I am so excited for this season! Coach Shields has been amazing. I think gradually as our season goes by, we will get in a groove and consistently do well in match play. Love the girls on the team, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone a little bit more!”