Player Profile: Linnea Eastburg


Jessica Borowsky, Sports Reporter

Name: Linnea Eastburg

Sport: XC

Grade: 12

How long have you been running for the ranger cross country team?

“I’ve been running since my freshman year.”

What is your biggest inspiration throughout your athletic career?

“Ever since I started running, my siblings have been one of my biggest inspirations because they were all amazing runners and athletes and were so determined even through the pain.”


What is your best time that you have achieved while running in a race? What was a reason you did particularly well in that race?

“My personal record is 22:08 I think, which I got last season. This year at allendale everyone ran so well and I got a season record, overall that course was the best and fastest.”

What is the hardest part about running cross country? Why?

“It’s really hard to stay motivated because there are so many days after school or Saturday mornings where I am just not in the mood to run or I’m so tired, but I have to go anyways. Also when we have long days those are hard because it gets very tiring and boring having to run 8-10 miles straight.”

What do most people not know about running cross country that is an important role in running?

“I think a lot of people don’t understand how hard it is and how hard we practice everyday rain or shine. Also running everyday is very important because you can get out of shape really fast and if you go a weekend without running it makes the next week a lot harder than it should be.”

Do you participate in any other sports at fhc? If so which is your favorite?

“I also run track which is my main sport so also my favorite. I mainly do cross country to help me stay in shape and prepare for the track season.”

Are you interested in running in college and if so where?

“I would love to run track in college. Most likely at Wheaton, Westmont, or Grand Valley.”

Where are you planning on going to college and why are you interested in those colleges?

“I plan on going to the west coast to either Westmont, Point Loma, or Seattle pacific because I love that part of the country and I want to go far to experience a different part of the world and get away from the place that I’ve spent the last 17 years living.”

What is your favorite quote about running? Why?

“The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race, it’s to test the limits of the human heart” -Bill Bowerman