Top 10 Biggest Blowouts


Texas Rangers vs Baltimore Orioles

The Texas Rangers defeated the Baltimore Orioles in 2007 by 27 runs. Surprisingly, Baltimore actually led at the start of the game 3-0, but the Rangers scored 30 consecutive runs to put the Ravens to shame, 30-3.

Chicago Bears vs New England Patriots

In Super Bowl XX, the Bears were able to hold the Patriots to just 123 yards the whole game, leading to a 46-10 victory. The Bears 4-6 defense punished the Patriots in the first half, allowing no rushing yards and actually leading to -19 yards at the half.

Ohio State vs Wisconsin

At the 2014 Big Ten Championship Game, Ohio State crushed Wisconsin with a 59-0 victory. Going into the game Wisconsin was expected to win due to Ohio State using their third-string quarterbacks.

Germany vs Brazil

With four goals scored in six minutes to give themselves a five-goal lead 29 minutes into the game, Germany was able to dominate the home team of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup Semifinals, 7-1. This game led Germany to set records for most goals scored and highest victory margin in the World Cup Semifinals.

UCLA vs Texas

In 1997, Texas football was ranked at number 11 while UCLA was unranked, so coming to the home of the Longhorns and defeating them was completely unexpected. UCLA defeated Texas 66-3 and, at the time, gave the worst loss for a ranked team in the AP poll.

Georgia Tech vs Cumberland

In 1916 Georgia Tech scored, 32 touchdowns and had 978 rushing yards to lead to a legendary blowout of 222-0. With no football team and a $3,000 forfeit fee to pay if they did not play, Cumberland quickly threw together a team, leading to the huge victory and revenge of a 22-0 baseball game for Georgia Tech.

San Francisco vs Denver Broncos

Being the biggest blowout in Super Bowl history, the 49ers defeated the Broncos 55-10. With 22 of 29 passes complete to total 297 yards and four Super Bowl wins under his belt, it’s no wonder Joe Montana was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Tiger Woods in the 2000 U.S. Open

In 2000, a course that crushed every other golfer in the U.S. Open would be Woods’ personal playground. He earned himself a score of 12 under par, a record in the U.S. Open. He won by 15 strokes, breaking another U.S. Open record that was set in 1862.

Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes

Considered to be the greatest performance in horse racing history, Secretariat blew out his competition, with a time of 2:24 and winning by 31 lengths (about 248 feet).

Chicago Bears vs Washington Redskins

While the Redskins beat the Bears 7-3 three weeks prior, they were no match for them in NFL Championship Game in 1940, the Bears completely crushed the Redskins 73-0 to take home the win. This game is considered to be the most lopsided win the NFL has ever seen.