Lightfast Coffee supplies a minimalist and welcoming environment


With a million and one things on my to-do list, I knew I had to go someplace where I could focus in order to complete all my assignments. Desperately trying to avoid a late night, I scoured the Internet for a cafe to work at. When I discovered Lightfast Coffee, I was intrigued by the clean-cut website and briefly looked over the appetizing images. Convinced that Lightfast was the perfect place to study, I hopped in the car and headed towards the local shop.

When I arrived, I was immediately comforted by the minimalistic design. The giant windows let in an abundance of natural light, creating a warm and open space. A large wooden bar next to the window and matching tables throughout the store contrasted the white walls and gave the shop a very modern and sophisticated look. In contrast, there were a few stairs that led up to a platform-type sitting area elevated a few feet above the rest of the cafe. Here, the walls were a dark grey, accompanied by dark brown tables and a few pieces of local art.

Since I have yet to fully appreciate coffee and its abilities, I settled for a hot chocolate and ventured onto the upper platform, selecting a seat in the back corner. As I waited for my order to be prepared, I began to work on my million and one assignments. I wasn’t able to get too much accomplished, however, because the hot chocolate was ready in a matter of minutes.

As soon as I took my first sip, I was pleasantly surprised with the overwhelmingly sweet taste. Often with local coffee shops, hot chocolate seems to be infused with the bitter taste of coffee, but those are two tastes I prefer to keep separate. That is why this drink was even more spectacular; it was the golden ticket of hot chocolates.

Lightfast prides itself on crafting the best coffee; obtaining their grounds from local providers. Their beverages are unique and modern, providing an L.A. coffee shop vibe rolled into a little shop in Grand Rapids.

The vibe given off at Lightfast Coffee is comforting and welcoming. Coffee shops are normally not my scene; I tend to seclude myself in my room like I’m in solitary confinement. Lightfast’s aroma, however, allowed me to productively work for about three hours, crossing a few things off my to-do list. The mellow background music is perfect for studying– not too distracting, yet enough noise to prevent silence from dominating one’s mind.

Overall, Lightfast Coffee is the perfect venue when in need of a productive day. The welcoming and minimalistic design almost forces efficiency, allowing an overwhelmingly long to-do list be chipped away at while enjoying delectable drinks and baked goods.