The counseling office deserves a thank you


300 seniors applying to college. An average of four college applications per student. Four counselors responsible for helping everyone along the way. The counseling office is constantly working hard to ensure that they are keeping up with what the students need, whether it’s for college, class schedules, or anything else going on that a student may need assistance with. Having to keep up with everything that comes through the counseling office is a big job, so they deserve more appreciation.

During the college application season, the counselors are responsible for sending initial materials, recommendations, and transcripts to the requested colleges for each senior. While sending requested materials for students, counselors are also responsible for helping students of all grades through their issues. I think some seniors fail to remember and consider that the counselors do have others students in other classes that they have things to take of for. During the college application season, seniors are not the only students that the office is dealing with, and that is why sometimes it may take longer to get a transcript submitted or a question answered.

Through my own college application process, I have been so impressed with how efficiently the counseling office has sent my transcripts. I requested them for six different schools, and within two weeks, they were all sent out to the schools. There are so many seniors making so many requests to different schools all around the same time, and because of this, I thought that it would take longer than it did for the colleges to receive my materials. Nevertheless, it has already been about a month since I started the application process, and I already have three acceptance letters. This is all thanks to the efficiency of the counselors.

The requesting of transcripts and most of the communication that is done regarding college applications are done online via Naviance. So between the online work that is being done and students coming into the office with questions that need to be answered face-to-face, the counselors have their work cut out for them. Every year, the counseling team puts their game faces on and sends all requests off to colleges for seniors. For that, I am grateful, so I wanted to say thank you.

All of us seniors just need to take time to thank the counselors for all they are doing for our futures amid their other responsibilities with other students. So to the Class of 2018, and future seniors, as you finish up your college applications, thank your counselor. Instead of complaining about how long it’s taking or how busy they are, remember that you aren’t their only student to take care of. They have 1300 students to take care of. So say thank you next time you pass them, and when you get accepted, remember who helped you get there.