Player Profile: Isaac Gurley


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Name: Isaac Gurley

Grade: 9

Sport: Football

Position: Nose tackle

How do you feel about your individual play?

I felt like I played pretty good. Coach moved me to nose tackle due to some injuries on the D-Line. The safety to D-Line transition was tough one but I love it all.”

What motivated you to play football?

“I was motivated to play football just by my love for the game. I grew up playing football with my neighbors and watching football as much as I could.”

Do you have a favorite teacher?

“I would have to say my favorite teacher is Mrs. Demeester. She is super nice and makes class fun.”

Who has inspired you the most your athletic career?

“My biggest inspiration in sports is my brother. I see him work hard all the time and push himself to be the best in everything he does. He sets a great example for me in sports and in life in general. ”

Do you have a personal quote?

“Whether you can or you can’t, in either case you are right- Henry Ford”