Varsity volleyball is defeated by Lowell in four, 1-3

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Varsity volleyball took on the Red Arrows of Lowell Tuesday night at home. Led by senior Kendall Gardner with 9 kills, the Rangers were able to improve their past match score of 0-3 to 1-3. The Rangers were defeated in sets one, three, and four, with scores of 25-21, 25-16 and 25-18 respectively. They grabbed their one set win in set two, beating the Arrows 25-21.

Set one started with back and forth scoring, a small lead was finally established by the Rangers at 13-10, but Lowell took it right back with a 7-1 run, putting themselves up 17-14. The rest of the set continued with small 2-3 point runs from both sides until Lowell ended it will a kill to secure the set 25-21. Set two started very different, Lowell was able to get up to a 5-0 lead. Fortunately, the Rangers went on a 14-4 run to gain the lead 14-9. The game got rather close towards the end with Lowell coming within a point of the Rangers at 21-20. The Rangers obtained the final four points to end it 25-21, capturing their first set win against Lowell this season.

Lowell got out to a huge lead in set three with multiple long scoring runs, 13-6. The rest of the set continued no differently as Lowell defeated the Rangers easily, 25-16. The final set of the night was rather even to begin, with points being traded back and forth constantly. The Rangers came close to taking the lead once in the set, falling short of it by two points at 10-9. After getting down 16-10, the Rangers went on a 4-2 run to put themselves slight back into the game, 18-14. Despite the slight comeback, Lowell defeated FHC 25-18 to win the match 3-1. The Rangers will be back in action Thursday night at home against Ottawa Hills, it is senior night so come out and support the team.

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