Player profile: Ellie Ingraham


Name: Ellie Ingraham

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Right side and middle hitter

How would you describe your recent success?

“We’ve been practicing hard and we’ve really been bonding. We have a few really talented freshman and our sophomore class is just as talented. I think that our hard work ethic really comes to show when we compete.”

What’s your reason for playing Volleyball?

“When I was in 7th grade, my older sister, Maddie really encouraged me to start playing in order to find some new friends after moving to the district. Growing up watching her and seeing her develop as a person as well as a player really motivated me to pick up the sport.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your entire athletic career?

“Probably my sister Maddie. She’s always been so helpful and compassionate about my journey with volleyball.”

What are your upcoming plans with Volleyball?

“I’m not planning on playing on a national team again this year but I might play in college.”

When did you start playing Volleyball?

“7th grade”

How long have you been playing Volleyball for FHC?

“3 years”