JV volleyball ends the season on a high note

JV volleyball ends the season on a high note

The Lady Rangers JV volleyball team took on the Ottawa Hills Bengals on Thursday night at FHC. The Rangers won the game in the first two sets with dominating scores of 25-2 and 25-6. The Rangers had beaten Ottawa Hills before, so they knew what to expect. This would not be one of their harder games, but it was their last one of the season. The Rangers played great like they usually do, but they also had fun with it. The team was able to move around and try different positions on the court that they don’t usually play. Coach Natalie Roelfzema said that it was great to win their last game.

“It’s a good feeling to win our last game.” said Roelfzema. “Working with the girls this season has been a joy.”

In the first set of the game, the serving rotation consisted of three servers: freshman Emma Lohr and sophomores Megan Raisch and Rachel Nicholson. They all found the right spots on the court and scored them the points needed for them to win the game.

The first set’s energy was low and it was loosely played. The Rangers also had some very phenomenal attacks, specifically made by sophomore Lauren Schofield. FHC’s attacks were coming fast and hard at the Bengals. Due to the speed of them, and the strength at which they were hit, Ottawa Hills shanked the ball frequently. This led FHC to win with a score of 25-2.

The Lady Rangers were able to move around in the second set of the game, which was fun to them. They were able to experience how playing different positions felt to them.

“We got to change it up a bit because this wasn’t as hard of a team we usually play, so everyone got to try different positions, which was really sweet for our last game,” said sophomore Ashlyn Korpak. “We had to have fun with it and enjoy being together for the last time.”

You could tell from the stands that the Rangers sure were having fun out on the court for one last time this season. The final score at the end of the second set was 25-6, with FHC ahead during the whole entirety of the set.

The team had fun, and that’s all that matters. The Rangers ended the season with a fun, easy-going game.

“I think that our team was very successful, as the season went on, we learned to play as a team more,” said sophomore Jasmine Dawson. “In the beginning, it was a rough start because we were still getting to know each other.”

As the season comes to a close, Coach Roelfzema is sad to see them go. However, she enjoyed coaching this team and having a good season.

“It’s a little sad for it to be our last match,” Roelfzema said. “But, the growth that I’ve seen throughout the season has been phenomenal and I just loved working with this group of girls.”