Rangers JV football wrap up their season with an 8-1 record

Rangers JV football wrap up their season with an 8-1 record

The FHC JV football team finished their at season 8-1. They won back to back games expect in week eight, when they came up short against the Cedar Springs Red Hawks. This motivated them greatly, as they would go on to beat the Wayland Wildcats in week nine.

From day one the motto for the Forest Hills Central Rangers was, “Just prove it.” With this mentality shaping their season, the players gave up part of their summer in order to practice and get better.

“[The summer practices] were definitely worth it, especially looking at the success we had,” said sophomore running back Hayden Sarjeant.

As the Rangers approached their opening game, many people wondered what the team would bring this year. Growing and maturing from their freshman to sophomore year, it was in question whether or not they would be able to step it up and follow the 9-0 record of the JV team the year before.

“This year our goal was to prove [our skill] not just to the community, but to ourselves,” freshman Carson Dienes said. “I think we did a good job of that this year.”

In recent years past, the JV Ranger football team has had quite a bit of success, this season being no different. Except this year, the Rangers did something most teams would dream of doing to help them better themselves: they participated in a three month training program, each session being eight hours, led by three navy seals. During those eight hours, they were tested to the max by seeing who they are as people, men, and as a team.

“[The training] was challenging, but fun,” said sophomore Jackson Clay. “We got much closer as a team; it created a bond between us like no other”, .

These players worked hard the whole season and they put in the time to show that they deserved to be on the team.

“This year’s JV team definitely proved it.” said JV head coach Ty Hallock. “With an eight and one record they had a very good year. However, with the one loss, they learned a valuable lesson about execution.”

As the current JV team prepares to move up to varsity in the upcoming year, Hallock has faith in them.

“It’s hard to tell how this year’s group will do next year at the varsity level. They should do well as long as they connect with the senior class that they will be with. That’s what makes a team: the bond and the connection they form with one another.”