College Football


Teams Looking to Make a Statement for week 9:

Penn State vs Ohio State:

Both Penn State and Ohio State are looking to make big statements this upcoming weekend. This may just be the biggest game of the year in college football. If Penn State wins they will most likely secure a spot in the College Football Playoffs. If Ohio State wins they will make their case for the playoffs. It will be a hard fought war at 3:30 on Saturday.


Michigan is coming off a tough loss last weekend to Penn State losing 42-13. This week they look to bounce back as they play at home against Rutgers. They are trying to win big to show the NCAA they belong in a big bowl game.

Iowa State:

Iowa State is the surprise team this year in college football. They have a 5 – 2 record and one of the biggest upsets in their schools history with a win over Oklahoma. This week they play #4 ranked TCU. They are looking to make a huge statement win in this game.

College Football Players Compared to NFL Players:

  • Saquon Barkley to Bo Jackson: Both of these players are very strong and big and run the ball down the defenses throat. Their body builds are almost identical, it is crazy. Both are big and lightning quick which is very uncommon among running backs.
  • Kelly Bryant to Cam Newton: Both of these players are threats at the quarterback position. Cam and Kelly are both build like wide receivers with the throwing ability of a top tier quarterback. Both also have the scrambling ability to be top tier QB’s.
  • Calvin Ridley to Amari Cooper: Both of these talented Alabama wide receivers are 6a��1 and very athletic. They both also have very similar stats in terms of yards and catches. These players both go up and get the ball in the air.

Heisman Watch for week 9:

Saquon Barkley: Barkley this year has 117 rushes for 757 yards and 8 touchdowns with a long of an 80 yard rushing touchdown. He also has 32 receptions for 448 yards and 3 touchdowns with a long of 85 yard touchdown. He is the obvious front runner so far in the heisman race.

Bryce Love: Love so far this year has 135 rushes for 1387 yards and 11 touchdowns but when it comes to receptions he only has 4 catches for 19 yards. Due to his lack of receptions he is a slight second behind Barkley.

Baker Mayfield: Mayfield on the season has 2347 yards 19 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. He also has a few statement wins under his belt including the Ohio State game earlier this season which can add to the heisman factor.

Josh Adams: Notre Dame has been on a roll lately due to the dominant performances of Josh Adams. Currently on the year Adams has 105 rushes for 967 yards and 8 touchdowns. With Notre Dame climbing the rankings each week don’t be surprised to see Adams on this list week after week.

Game Predictions:

Games Jacob Nick Tobey Tyler
Oklahoma State Vs. West Virginia West Virginia Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
Ole Miss Vs. Arkansas Ole Miss Ole Miss Ole Miss Ole Miss
Texas Vs. Baylor Texas Texas Texas Baylor
California Vs. Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado
Penn State Vs. Ohio State Ohio State The Ohio State University Penn State Penn State
Georgia Vs. Florida Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia
TCU Vs. Iowa State TCU Iowa State TCU TCU
NC State Vs. Notre Dame Notre Dame NC State Notre Dame Notre Dame
UCLA Vs. Washington UCLA Washington Washington UCLA
Clemson Vs. Georgia Tech Clemson Georgia Tech Clemson Clemson

Nick’s Bold Prediction: Nick believes Colorado will throttle the mess out of California in the western region game. Both teams have explosive offenses but Colorado is just a bit more complete than California’s.