Riverdale returns for its second season darker and better than ever


If there was ever a doubt in anyone’s mind, let it be settled right now. Riverdale is quite the opposite of boring. Three episodes into the second season, and it appears that this season is continuing down the path to the perfectly captivating TV show.

The first season of Riverdale took the U.S. by storm, consequently generating interest all around the world. Winning several awards last year, actors KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, and Cole Sprouse rapidly gained fame for their portrayals of characters from the Archie comic series. With the introduction of the second season, the stakes were high and the excitement even higher.

With the last scene of the first season ending with the shooting of a main character, Season Two was set to thrill viewers from the very beginning. The theme of the first season was, “Who killed Jason Blossom?” With the second season, it seems as if different characters are targeted each episode by a man in a black hood. The new question arising is, “Who is this masked killer?” This new theme brings across even more anticipation and mystery to the show, meaning that there is never a bland moment.

The best aspect of Riverdale‘s many strengths is most definitely its creative storyline. Even though it’s set in a high school like many other teenage dramas, the underlying themes of evil and darkness are unquestionably apparent. Although events such as murder might not be the most realistic in a high school setting, it keeps viewers constantly enthralled.

The only downside to Riverdale would be the periodically amateur acting. Particularly from the character of Archie, a few scenes seem to have no emotion. Others have exaggerated reactions that may cause viewers to slightly cringe. But this occasional pitfall hardly draws from the overall success of the show.

With the introduction of new characters Toni Topaz, Penny Peabody, and of course, the elusive Hiram Lodge, the show is evolving into a darker version of its previous self. The story diverges from the core four characters and explores the pasts of supporting characters such as Josie, Kevin, and Cheryl. So far, this major difference in Season 2 has proven to be a successful tactic.

But of course, Riverdale would no longer be Riverdale if it wasn’t constantly dripping with drama– fairly unnecessary and occasionally redundant drama, but well-loved drama nonetheless. It will delight fans to know that this key constituent to Riverdale‘s glory is not only still present in the second season but has been undoubtedly amplified.

Regardless of the mediocre acting every now and then, Riverdale still shines as one of the CW’s best shows. With new characters, a great storyline, and of course, mountains of drama, Riverdale has all the ingredients to be the perfect TV show. If Season 2 continues down the path it is currently on, there’s no doubt that Riverdale will continue to captivate the hearts of viewers everywhere.