Flicker gives a new perspective on pop music

Flicker gives a new perspective on pop music

Singer and songwriter Niall Horan’s debut album, Flicker, gives the regular pop-music-junkie a new experience. With hints of country and lots of emotion, this album exceeded my expectations for this new up-and-coming solo artist.

Horan, originally from One Direction, left the band in 2016 after the making of their final album, Four. When he went solo, there were rumors of him making a solo album. On Oct 20 of this year, Flicker was released.

This thirteen-track album was made to shatter every expectation anyone had for Horan. Every track has a new message and allusions to other songs; this album makes the average listener take a moment to stop and think about what every lyric could indicate.

Three songs- “Too Much To Ask,” “Slow Hands,” and “This Town”- were released as singles before the entire album came out. Despite their popularity and ingenuity, those few songs barely did justice to the rest of the incredible album.

The Flicker experience began with “On the Loose.” This song is an amazing start to an amazing album. With endless groovy tunes and beats, this song was made for dancing. Every time I listen to it, I always feel an urge to get up and twirl around. Hearing Horan’s voice outside of what One Direction fans are used to is absolutely shocking (in a good way).

Track three, “Seeing Blind,” has awesome country moments. It features country singer Maren Morris, and together, they made a creative and not-so-typical love song about seeing someone new for the first time.

In the middle of the album is track 6, “Paper Houses.” As one of the most emotional songs on the album, it talks about dreams being shattered when someone loses their love and their world. I think this song could make almost anyone cry because of all the tender and heartfelt emotions it brings out of the listener.

Track 8, “Flicker”- the title song of the album- is personally my favorite song. It is so emotional and breathtaking; the lyrics sweep you on a new adventure down a totally different road than most pop listeners would expect.

Toward the end of the album lies track 11, “On My Own,” which is basically an anthem for all single people. In a sense, he shows that he is stronger than he was at the beginning of the album. Hands down, I would say that it is one of the best songs on the album.

Finally, one of the last songs, “The Tide,” is a great wrap-up that leaves the listener smiling. The lyrics are very emotional and moving. The way that Horan words his heartbreak and compares it to an ocean tide is absolutely incredible.

For a first solo album, Horan blew my expectations out of the water with Flicker. The amount of talent he has and channels into his music is absolutely outstanding. From what I’ve seen on this album, I expect that his second album will reach an even higher level of talent and amazing music. I would absolutely recommend this album to anyone that needs a new kind of pop mixture in their lives.