Thank you, Mom


Dear Mom,

Words cannot even begin to explain the immeasurable amount of love, admiration, and appreciation that I have for you. It has been said many times before that “my mom is the best mom in the whole world,” but when it comes to you, every other mom in the world ceases to exist. You are not only an amazing mom, but as a person, you are unbelievably gracious, benevolent, and amiable.

“Thank you for being you and for doing all that you do.” ”

Before everything else, I am so incredibly lucky for your benevolent personality. You are always willing to help, and I truly appreciate that. On Halloween this year, while I was at dance, you went out and bought me a costume. You helped me create it and put it all together. When it was time for me to wear it, it looked perfect. If I ever have friends over, you are always the first person to volunteer to buy us food. If I ever need a ride, you are the first to offer your car. If I ever need anything, you are always the first person to help, and I appreciate it so so much.

Thank you for loving me regardless of my mistakes. As I continue to navigate these early years of my life, you are always there to forgive. Thanks for letting me experience my life and for supporting me, even when I don’t make the best decisions. But above all, thank you for your love and support with dance. You have given up a lot of your dreams for me so that I can follow my own. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you.

I am also so thankful for your many influences on my life. Thanks to your indefinite fondness for Diet Coke, I am now also hooked on the soda phenomenon. Although I often take a few too many sips out of your bottle, I have you to thank for my new love. I now cannot go to a restaurant without ordering a Diet Coke.

In addition to that, I am thankful for our shared love of the beach. Every year, in Marco Island, I cherish our time together with the sun glistening and the waves engulfing the sand. I look forward to sitting on the beach with you while the rest of the family goes inside.

And of course, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your love of dogs with me. I am grateful that you want another dog, just like I do. Even though we cannot seem to convince Dad yet, I am glad that we both can crave for a puppy.

For everything that you do, I do not tell you how much I appreciate you enough. So here it goes, Mom. I love you more than words can even describe. It’s almost impossible for me to find all of the amazing words to tell you. I’m sorry for all of the times that I have said I hate you, and I am sorry for everything that I have done against you. You don’t deserve any of it. What you do deserve is everything good in the world. I love you. Thank you for being you.

Love, Payton