Roy Pablo brings a carefree and relaxed sound to listeners


Eighteen-year-old Pablo Munoz hails from Norway and originally started Boy Pablo as a way to have fun and make music with his friends from high school. Fans of laid-back, dreamy alt-pop are sure to appreciate Boy Pablo’s work, and the music is well worth a listen.

Boy Pablo has released two singles and a six-track EP so far, with plans to continue putting out music throughout 2018 and beyond. Their first EP, Roy Pablo, was released earlier in the year and gives an introduction of what the group can bring to the table.

Munoz’s music recently gained traction when the music video for “Everytime” found its way into viewers’ recommended videos on Youtube and began racking up views extraordinarily quickly. With a lo-fi, dreamy pop sound that’s reminiscent of Mac Demarco, the track blends carefree, airy lyrics with relaxed guitar chords. The video itself consists of the group squinting into the sun as they perform the song, occasionally turning as the camera rotates. The video itself displays the group’s playful attitude and often ethereal sound, and it pulls in viewers. It’s no wonder the video has racked up just over one million views.

Roy Pablo stacks up to a comfortable six-song playlist, clocking in at just around 19 minutes. The entire project has a relatively similar sound, but the short nature of the project keeps it from getting too stale. It’s nearly impossible not to bob your head to the carefree guitar riffs and calm lyricism that Munoz puts out. The track “I’m Really Tired This Day Sucks” blends the lighthearted sound that lingers throughout the project with depressing lyrics, providing an almost comedic glance into a more introspective style of songwriting.

Roy Pablo left me wanting more and more from Boy Pablo, and with every listen of the project, I’m able to appreciate it more. Fans of this sound should look out for more music by Boy Pablo in the future, as the 18-year old holds nearly infinite promise and potential.