Rangers Trump Red Arrows in 5-0 Win


Sam Hopkins, Staff Writer

Standing side by side, the twelve seniors line up for pictures on senior night. This will be the last time these boys take the home field as a Ranger. Taking pictures and smiling wide, they are oblivious to the fact that in a short ninety minutes they will be walking away victorious after a 5-0 win.

“It was a fun win today. Having it be senior night, and with the rain it was a great atmosphere and a good overall win,” coach Blair Lincoln said.

Off to a slow start, Anthony Bowie and Mo Haji combined for a four goal performance to spark the attack. To complete the 5-0 win, Jake Ireland finished the tap in goal during the middle of the second half.

With goals coming at the 13 and 5 minute mark, Haji swung the momentum in the Ranger’s direction throughout the first half.  Also, adding two assists to his resumé,  Haji was a standout player, propelling the Rangers to a victory.

“It was really nice to get my goals early,” Haji said, “It boosted my confidence and helped me play better throughout the game.”

Putting the nail in the coffin, Bowie struck home two goals to bury the Red Arrows. Bowie has been a big time player during the entirety of the year and has aided the Rangers in their undefeated season.

“It’s been really funny playing with these guys,” Bowie said, “We’ve had great team chemistry and leadership with a roster full of seniors.”

With a definitive 5-0 score, the Rangers move on with yet another win.  Sitting at first in the state, and a whopping tenth in the nation, this team will have a giant target on their back throughout the rest of the season.

Heading late into the season, this Ranger team is in a great spot to make a push deep into the playoffs.  With twelve seniors on the roster, this team has a lot of veteran leadership, with several players that have experienced playoff soccer in the past.

“We have a lot of talented young men and I’m looking forward to the next challenge ahead of us,” Lincoln said.