Tommy’s Sports game of the Week: Madden 18


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Sports Video Game of the Week: Madden NFL 18

In this week of Sports video game of the week, we look into Madden NFL 18. Madden 18 came out on August 25, 2017 and some people call it the best Madden game to come out yet. Madden has been the most anticipated sports game because of its fun game modes, the accurate graphics, and most of all, the hilarious bloopers. All of these contribute to a game that people around the country take, surprisingly very seriously


Madden consists of a very fun mode in the game called Longshot, where players can play as stud Quarterback Devin Wade. Devin has recently dropped out of the University of Texas after a blowout loss to Oregon and a nightmare game. This mode is so great because of how you can make your own choices in the game, and the game will take you different routes based on the choices you make.


This is personally one of my favorite game modes in Madden. It’s pretty much fantasy football on another device. In this mode, you are a GM of a football team and have total control of the players in your franchise. You can make trades, cut players, make your own practice squad of free agents, etc. Your team depends on how well you draft your team offensively and defensively, and that is what I like about this mode.

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is the all-time fan favorite game mode in Madden as I can completely understand why. It’s such a fan favorite that millions of websites dedicate their time to give other Madden players advice. Ultimate Team is a mode where you can collect players who have specific ratings. So you have low rated players to start with in the beginning. But once you play the game more often, you can get better players and build your team overall rating. The higher your team rating, the better your team is, its simple.