Humans of FHC: Sydney Bruneau


“[I’m so grateful] for my family and their influence on me- the way that they’ve shaped my life. I’ve grown up in a Christian home, and I’m very very thankful for that and thankful for the influence of my immediate family and my extended family. [I love how they’ve] just been pouring into my life, teaching me about Christ, helping me become who I am today, and just being very intentional about me being on the right track about my life. Over time [at my church], I’ve just gotten to know so many people, old and young, and I’ve been involved in the youth ministry, the nursery, and just helping out some of the widows in our church by helping them rake leaves. I feel like just coming together and having that strong community [is great]. [I’m grateful that I have] that many people influencing my life and being intentional about checking in with me about my faith.”