Josh Gordon – reinstated into the NFL


Ty George, Sports Report

Ty’s opinion on Josh Gordon: Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was recently reinstated into the NFL by commissioner Roger Goodell. Gordon admitted that he drank and smoked before games a few years ago with the Browns when he lead the NFL in receiving yards. I don’t think he deserves another chance because although he is regretful, old habits tend to come back. He was given many chances before and suspended a few times before being officially kicked out of the league. Also, I don’t think we will see that same Josh Gordon when he returns, after a few years away from the game. The Browns are once again at the bottom of the league and there are looking for answers, so if any team and player was desperate for a second chance it was them.


Jacob’s opinion on Josh Gordon: Josh Gordon is finally reinstated into the NFL after battling years with drug problems and failing drug tests. The Browns are one of the worst teams in the NFL and Gordon can be the player they have been looking for to make a difference on the team. Josh had a very impressive seasons with almost 1,000 yards rushing and receiving. Gordon admitted that before every game it was a ritual for him to either drink some alcohol or take some kind of drug. This ritual was bound to catch up to Gordon in the long run due to the NFL’s drug tests. I believe Gordon has spent the time thinking and rehabilitating himself into a better person. Due to his extensive time out of the league and his apologizing I believe he deserves a second chance in the NFL and can be a very great wide receiver.


Nick’s opinion on Josh Gordon: Josh Gordon is finally reinstated after a couple years of suspension. He has been battling drug problems with marijuana and alcohol. He has failed many drug tests and his suspensions keep getting longer. Gordon says he has been smoking or drinking before every game for his whole career. Those actions will need to stop if he wants to make it big in this league.

Tobey’s Opinion on Josh Gordon: Recent news hit the NFL market when Josh Gordon has finally been reinstated after several years of drug issues. It has been made clear that Josh Gordon would drink before almost every game or take drugs as if it was some type of ritual for him. Personally I believe he has no place in the NFL no matter how good he was in his years.