Terra does not meet my high standards


The aroma of freshly baked barbecue chicken pizza wafted through the air. The spicy smell of buffalo cauliflower bites made my mouth water and ravenous stomach grumble. But the enticing smells were the only thing that fed my hungry stomach because the actual food itself did not live up to the high expectations. The name of the restaurant is Terra, and it sits on the corner of Blank Street in East Town.

Although the smells make it seem delectable and tasty, don’t be fooled. I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant for anyone who is looking for a satisfactory meal.”

After first arriving, it was obvious that the surroundings and scenery were quite quaint and cute. My family and I were greeted with a very polite smile and friendly hello. The restaurant itself had a homey feel, and we were immediately seated. Our table was right next to the chef’s kitchen and as all of the food was prepared, we saw it all. The menus were brought out, and the variety of options made my stomach grumble. I anticipated a steamy plate of hot and yummy food; however, what I got was not that.

I ordered the barbecue chicken pizza, with a Sprite and side kale caesar salad. After a long wait, the food finally arrived. With a few large dishes in front of me, I eagerly awaited the appetizing meal. Once I took a bite, I was thoroughly disappointed. The pizza had a small aftertaste of warm applesauce, and the crust was too crunchy and thin. The cheese kept sliding off and falling onto my plate.

Looking across the table to my sister, who ordered the same thing, we both shook our heads in disbelief. It was definitely not the best slice of pizza I had ever had. My other sister, who ordered a type of pasta, was also not satisfied. Some of the noodles seemed to be undercooked, while the portion size was also very tiny.

The only part of the meal that met my expectations was the kale caesar salad. Even though I had never tried kale, the salad was actually quite satisfying. There was just the right amount of dressing and the right amount of kale. It was scattered with a bunch of flavorful croutons. Overall, the kale salad was the best part of my meal. I should have ordered the full portion instead of my pizza, and then maybe I would have been satisfied.

Not only was the food not as tasty as I had hoped, but the music inside the restaurant was too loud and obnoxious. It was hard to hear my parents’ conversations and contribute as well.

Although the facade of savory smells at Terra may seem yummy, I beg of you to not be fooled. Terra is not a restaurant that I would recommend to people, because of it’s loud music, fake smells, and disappointing food.