Audrey’s Sports Blog: The Losing Lions

Audreys Sports Blog: The Losing Lions

Audrey Sidebotham , Sports Reporter

The losing Lions finally have started a winning streak. On Sunday afternoon, the Lions beat the Browns 38-24. This doesn’t necessarily mean the streak is going to continue, but it’s a start.

The Lions have had their share of bad players in the past including: Aveion Cason, David Lewis, Reggie Rogers, and Chartric Darby. The worst player in my mind is definitely Eric Ebron.

His inability to catch a ball amazes me. The passes to him may not be perfect, but they are definitely catchable. I don’t understand how he can’t catch a ball. Instead, he has butterfingers and lets it slip out of his hands.

Eric Ebron claims on social media that it happens to everyone. Which is true, but not as often as Ebron. He doesn’t just have a bad day, he has bad days everyday. To be drafted in the first round of the 2014 NFL drafts as a tight end, and not be able to catch is just unfathomable.

Eric Ebron upsets so many fans, I am just one of them. This may be a harsh thing to say, but he is probably one of the main reasons why so many people have given up on the Lions.

Another player that needs to be off the Lions is Tion Green. He may be third string, but he stills needs to go. What really makes me dislike him, is his lack of effort. He might have made the team, but that doesn’t mean he should stay. In general he lacks the explosiveness that every other player has. He may not play, but I think he still hurts the Lions reputation.

Eric Ebron and Tion Green hurt the Lions; they drag down the team. I think it is very crucial for Lions to get rid of them. The Lions may have started a winning streak, but Ebron and Green will be the reason that streak doesn’t continue.