Honorable Mention interview: Christian Balanda

Christian Balanda

All-Conference Honorable Mention

Grade: Senior

Position: OL/DL

As an offensive or defensive linemen it can be tough to get the recognition you deserve. What does it mean to have your name called as an honorable mention in the conference?

Being a lineman, earning recognition is never my primary motivation throughout the season. That being said, it is very relieving to receive an award for my efforts this season. Generally, the offensive linemen are always the first to be blamed when things go wrong, and last to be praised when things go right. Thus, it is very motivating to hear my fellow lineman and I have been awarded for the role we have played in our very successful season.

What kind of mindset do you bring into each game individually and as a unit?

Personally, I approached each game focusing heavily on techniques and assignments. Then come game time, I was constantly thinking about pancakes and dominating the competition. As a unit, all we think about is how we will do our best to be prepared and to contribute our one elevenths to win the football game.

What is your favorite memory from this season to this point?

My favorite memory was our win against Lowell because of how much it meant to us as a team.

What does it mean to you that you’re on one of the school’s best teams in history?

It means so much to me personally. Growing up, I watched how huge our football team was in our community. If you told me back then that I would one day be apart of the winningest team in FHC history, and on top of that, play a critical role on the teama�� I would’ve said you were crazy. I have so much pride in what this team has accomplished.

What are you going to take away from this season and all of the guys playing around you?

Well first of all, our season isn’t over yet. We still have one more trophy to go. But as of now, I’ll never forget the countless lessons we have learned from our amazing coaching staff. These are things I will continue to use throughout college football, and also living my life when my football career is over. I also will never forget the bonds I’ve made with many of the teammates and how important those are when it comes to motivating me everyday to come to practice and every week to win a football game.

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