Player Profile: Maggie Zorn


Name: Maggie Zorn

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Swimming

What success have you had recently?

“This season I qualified for MISCA in the 50 Free, got first in the 50 Free at one of our dual meets, and dropped a second and a half in my 50 and 100 Free. This success wouldn’t have been possible without my teammates pushing me everyday in practice.”

Why do you swim?

“I swim because of my teammates and good coaches.”

What inspires you in swimming?

“My biggest inspiration in my athletic career are my teammates; they always push me to go just a little faster and watching their success makes me want to work harder and perform better.”

What are your plans for the future?

“In the upcoming years I plan on continuing to push myself more in the pool as well as forming a closer bond with my teammates. I hope to be able to swim on a team in college.”

What is your favorite memory from swimming?

“My favorite memory was at our meet against Northern Eastern when I got the MISCA cut. Before I even looked at the clock I could hear my teammates screaming, “Congratulations!a�� and running forward to hug me. We are so supportive of one another and that’s my favorite thing about this team.”

What is your favorite quote?

“Nothing worth having comes easy.”