The rich life is full of risk, courage, and no regrets


Everyone has had regrets at least once in their life: regrets about lost opportunities, about the battle of indecisiveness, or about not stepping up when the moment arrived. Some live in a world where regrets are manageable, no risks are taken, insecurities dictate life, and there is no need to step out of one’s comfort zone. They live in a world of false safety, devoid of hearty spirit.

I want to live in a world full of abounding surprises and liveliness, one with a stable balance of courage and risks. Really, what is life without stepping outside the confining boundaries of our comfort zone and living out our lives? Life without a challenge and daring out-of-the-box living would be so blandly basic. I don’t want to follow the basic mold.

The thing that never ceases to impress and inspire me is people having the courage and guts to do what’s right/make the right decision even when everyone around them is doing wrong. In uncomfortable or unsafe situations, many people feel that they need to go with the flow, not make too many waves, and follow the basic mold to shallowly satisfy their insecurities. When something you blatantly disagree with emerges, why sit there and wallow in the lack of power and inability? Why do we feel as though what we say has no weight or that our courage is too outspoken to be acted upon?

I want to live in a world full of abounding surprises and liveliness, one with a stable balance of courage and risks.”

Each and every day, we should strive to conquer our fear and have a strengthened courage to do what’s right. Maybe that courage comes in the form of being the friend to someone who has none. Maybe we are being led to be kind to the person who shows you none. Maybe we are being led to stand up and stand for someone who has no one to defend them.

No matter where we feel led, we should always do our best to succeed in and conjoin the community through a common desire to reach even higher heights of inclusiveness and excellence. I want to live in a world of boldness and outstanding acts of kindness, where everyone comes out of their shell- even in the slightest- to taste the sweeter life. I want to live out my life to the fullest with an open heart and willing spirit.