Kate’s Korner- Every player is crucial

Kates Korner- Every player is crucial

Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

Bench players: overlooked and underappreciated in almost every scenario, hold a real importance on every team whether it’s apparent or not. For every team and every sport, there are those 5 or 6 players that everyone knows gets the job done. They are the players that you can put on the field, court, etc. and trust that they know what they are doing and they will improve your chances of scoring. Those players get plenty of praise and recognition for their actions but the athletes who aren’t out there making plays often go unseen.

The contributions made by the star players are only a fraction of what is necessary to make a team successful, the bench players play a key role in many aspects. One huge thing the bench can either help or hurt is the energy of the team.

A huge part of winning and playing as one united group is consistent positive energy which, when radiating from the sidelines can be a game changer. Athletes in the game are focusing on many things: what is happening right now, what is happening next, and how am I going to make sure this all goes smoothly. When you hear a teammate pushing you forward and yelling strategically helpful comments the player gains a whole new set of eyes on the game. The more encouragement coming from the bench the more successful the team is, no doubt.

The bench also creates a new perspective on the game, they are more people available to give constructive criticism and positive feedback which ensures all players are feeling confident in their skills and ready to go.

Although many people may say the hotshot players are the most vital and key people on a team, with the proper coaching and good teammates it should be obvious that every player, including those that don’t always get in the game, is of equal importance to the success of the team.