Superstitions: Alyssa Zadel, Matt Wilson, Jayla Williams

Junior Alyssa Zadel, in her 12th year dancing, is a captain for the FHC dance team.

“Before every performance we all hold hands in a circle and the captains give a motivational talk.”

Senior Matt Wilson is in his seventh year of swimming. He hopes to lead the Forest Hills United boys swim team to a great season this winter.

“I always have to stay warm on deck, so I usually wear fleece pants, socks, shoes, and a jacket. I also usually listen to music and will drink honey before every race.”

Jayla Williams is a junior in her third year on the Crew team as a Seat 7 rower.

“I always eat some type of carbs before a regatta, I always listen to Roses by The Chainsmokers right before we have to get on the water and while we are rowing out to the starting line I like to sing Hall of Fame by The Script to hype us all up.”