Predictions and bold statements for semifinal football game against Livonia Franklin

Jake’s score prediction: FHC 21 – Livonia Franklin 17

Why: FHC has preyed on young quarterbacks throughout the season, and has shown they can force turnovers against any team in the state. That won’t change this week as they face a sophomore quarterback from Franklin. The Patriot offense began the year with a run heavy offense, but now has gone to the air raid in the past five to six weeks. It will be a major boost for FHC’s defense to come out and perform against the young buck at the helm of the Patriot attack. The Ranger offense is in for a big challenge, but has shown their ability to make second half adjustments and run the table late in the game. I think FHC will need to be able to adjust to the weather quicker than their opponents and when they do so, it will give them a major advantage. Look for FHC to march past this game and into Ford Field the day after Thanksgiving.

Bold statement: FHC picks off Livonia Franklin three times throughout the afternoon, returning one of those INTs to the house.

Tobey’s score prediction: FHC 28 – Livonia Franklin 14

Why: Coming into this game, the Rangers are 12-0 and know how to finish off games. I believe this is going to be a game that goes down to the wire, but FHC will pull away late. The Ranger defense is going to step up big like they have all season. With Livonia Franklin having a young quarterback it is going to be important for the Rangers D line to get to him early and often and that is exactly what I believe will happen.

Bold statement: FHC returns the opening kickoff for a touchdown

Nick’s score prediction: Livonia: 17 FHC: 21

Why: FHC has a great secondary on defense. That will be the difference in the game. They match up well with the offense wide receivers and should be able to get some turnovers.

Bold statement: Kade Shomin will have another pick six.

Jake’s score prediction: FHC 31 – Livonia Franklin 17

Why: The Rangers are 12-0 on the season and have momentum going into this week with last week’s convincing win over TCC. Our defense has been the backbone for our team this season only allowing around 12 points a game. Luke Majick and Tate Hallock are tearing apart defenses right now and they are seemingly unstoppable.

Bold statement: Luke Majick throws for 2 touchdowns while also rushing for 2 touchdowns. Our defense also forces two turnovers.