Sophomore Hailee Sincerbeaux finds continuities in her constantly changing life


Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, California, Texas, and Michigan.

Sophomore Hailee Sincerbeaux has already lived in all of these states and has enjoyed her unique experiences in all of them.

“It’s been really interesting to get to know different kinds of people,” Hailee said. “I’ve lived in so many different places with so many different types of people, and it’s very interesting to get to know them. I like seeing the differences between place to place– how the school system is, how everyone gets along… it’s just interesting.”

According to Hailee, moving can be a bit hectic; however, after moving a total of seven times, she and her family have adjusted to the franticness.

“Since the first move, it really doesn’t faze us when we have to move again,” Hailee said. “It doesn’t really affect us– we’re still the same people in the end, just in a new place.”

While she moves often, there are a few continuities in Hailee’s life. One of which is swimming, which she has been involved in since she was six years old.

“The atmosphere of going to practice every day and being with people that you love, people that will be there to support you whether you’re having a good day or a bad day, and people that are always making you laugh and smile is amazing,” Hailee said.

Through swimming, Hailee was able to find another sport that she loves: water polo. Her freshman year, a few girls on the swim team were talking about their experiences with the sport, piquing an interest with Hailee. After trying it out, she came to the conclusion that she loved it.

“The people there are so awesome,” Hailee said. “It’s so cool to get to know people from Central, Northern, and Eastern and just talking to so many different people.”

Although Hailee finds solace in her teammates, her favorite part of her multiple relocations is her interactions with a variety of people.

“Every time I go to a new place, I see different people and how they interact with other people,” Hailee said. “I’ve made so many different types of friends with so many different types of people; I still have amazing friends from the places I lived, and they all have different personalities. It’s just interesting to go to a new place and see how different people are in comparison to the other places I’ve been.”