Madcap Cafe is satisfying and excellent

Madcap Cafe is satisfying and excellent

Typically, I don’t like coffee. If I am being totally honest, I think coffee tastes like the way your mouth tastes after throwing up.

It is gross.

But in a society full of star-crossed coffee lovers, I have from time to time been roped into eating out at different coffee cafes. This past weekend, I was dragged to a local and notorious shop, Madcap Cafe. And much to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed my time there.

It was mid-afternoon on Saturday, and in between rehearsals, I had an hour break. Walking to Madcap Cafe, the cold air was biting at my cheeks, and the rain poured down on me. Once inside the cafe, I was soaked and undeniably cold.

My initial impression was how artistic the cafe was. There were beautiful pictures of artwork scattered all over, and each was so picturesque and intriguing. Because I knew one of the photographers, I went looking for an image of a bare mermaid on the sand. The photographer was Isaac Iaoki, and his picture was quite breathtaking.

Due to my dislike of coffee, I did not end up ordering any. I ended up getting a nice mug of hot chocolate. The table my friend and I chose was cute, quaint, and hidden in the corner. We were surrounded by a plethora of artwork that I really enjoyed.

I got my mug, and it was steaming hot, which delayed me in taking a big gulp. But once I did, I can only say that it was very good. Hot chocolate can only be made so many ways, but let me assure you, it was one of a kind. It tasted so yummy and warmed my throat each time I took a sip.

According to my friend, her cup of plain coffee was also very tasty. Her exact words were, “Oh my, this is so, so good.” All and all, even though I was reluctant to go, it ended up being a pretty great visit.

Madcap also seemed like a favorable place to study or do school work. There were many people that were scattered across tables with laptops and study clubs. It also was quiet enough where if I were studying, I could focus and learn a lot. In the cold months to come, I am looking forward to spending calming hours at the tables in Madcap.

Although, if I had to make one suggestion, I would have to say that the prices of the drinks were a little pricey. The tastiness of coffee and hot chocolate was overshadowed by the high price of each. So even though it was an appetizing purchase, I don’t think I could visit often.

Overall, the trip to Madcap was successful. The next time you’re looking for a quick and easy place to grab coffee, I would 100% recommend Madcap Cafe. Even if it may be expensive, it is worth it every once and a while. Madcap is undeniably satisfying and a place everyone should visit.